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If you work on a general holiday that falls on a regular workday (a day you were already scheduled to work), then your employer must pay you your regular pay for the day.Also if you come into work on the general holiday your employer must also pay you your wage at a rate of time and a half for the amount of hours that you worked on the general holiday, in addition to your regular pay for the day.Because the employee always receives whichever total is greater, the employee in this case will be paid for 10 hours of overtime.An employee can work a compressed workweek, which means they work fewer days but more hours in each day.For every hour of overtime worked the employee will be entitled to 1 hour off at a later time.This is often referred to as “flex time” or “time in lieu”.

They also cannot deduct money for cash shortages/loss of property if someone other than the employee had access to the cash or property. This means an employer can only deduct money an employee’s pay for a lost tool if only one employee had access to the tool) ().

If you or another employee wish to dispute or enforce a terms of an employment contract it is important to tell the employer and take steps to enforce your rights under the employment contract.

It is best to make sure that all agreements are in writing.

If you have worked for 5 or more years, you are entitled to a minimum of 3 weeks of paid vacation ().

So, if an employee takes a vacation they can be paid their regular wage while on their vacation or the employee may receive vacation pay on all paycheques throughout the year.

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