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As long as Gwen admits that Morgana should be Queen and her ruler. There is a big break, and once you’ve watched these episodes you realize that the friendship they had is gone and probably not going to come back.Morgana isn’t the same person she was in seasons one and two. Says Mc Grath, “Bradley and Colin have so much fun playing those characters and the two of them together have really good chemistry as mates.In the early seasons, Morgana and Gwen lived as king’s ward and lady’s maid, respectively, and cultivated a close friendship despite their difference in rank.

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Born on the April of 1983 in Ashford, County Wicklow, Ireland; she was raised in Dublin by her family where she studied and practiced acting.With her perfectly shaped blue eyes, a hot pair of lips and an attractive smile, she has won the hearts of many fans; especially male.With a slim but sexy body type, she has got amazing curves with her body measurements reading 32-28-34 inches (Breast- Waist- Hip). Knowing the end is nigh for the knights, ladies, druids, sorcerers and dragons of Camelot made it a massive but bittersweet treat for us to talk to stars Colin Morgan and Katie Mc Grath by phone all the way from London. Sy Fy starts its run of the last 12 episodes this Friday.

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