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When I say things like “I cannot see” or “This seems very unlikely”, I could be wrong.I am giving a layman’s opinion, hoping it will help you to consider your own situation.If you don’t sign they will keep your IVA open until they are happy they have collected all the PPI, which could be years.It’s your choice, but I can’t see any options which will let you get the PPI money.

If your IVA firm wants to reopen your old case and asks you to sign something to allow them to reclaim the IVA, it isn’t clear that they have any sanctions against you if you refuse.

Many people in the last few years have been asked to sign a deed of assignment saying that any PPI paid after their IVA completed should go to their IVA firm. In any of the above situations, the PPI is going to your IVA firm, I can’t see anything sensible you can do to stop this and there isn’t much point in you reading the rest of this article.

The Appeal Court decision was that Mr Wright’s IVA created a trust which did not end with the completion of the IVA unless there was specific wording to state it ended.

If you aren’t sure if your IVA used these terms, ask your IVA firm or dig out your IVA documents. Let’s look first at the situation if you have an R3 IVA, then at how this may change if you don’t.

If your IVA used the R3 terms, you should assume the Appeal court decision applies to you.

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