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• Church leaders defended the schools by saying they had the best of intentions, and some Native people agreed. Enos Montour, a former residential school student, noted: "The church meant well. It cost them a lot to use their mission money to build those institutions and they kept us alive.

I was hungry for four years when I was in there but at least the meals were steady." • Teachers and other former workers at residential schools have also come forward to dispute claims of pervasive, widespread abuse.

• Religious instruction and prayer made up a large part of life at a residential school.

In 1989, a government inquiry began to investigate allegations of abuse at the Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland and found evidence of widespread physical and sexual abuse by some members of the Christian brothers who ran it.

The James Bay Project helps Quebec become an economic powerhouse as cheap electricity attracts foreign investment and the sale of surplus power brings in cash.

By 1988 Quebec sells electricity worth 0 million a year to Canadian provinces and American states.

In 1986, Premier Robert Bourassa -- back in power -- announces plans to launch the second phase of the project, called the Great Whale Project.

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