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US Aviation Patent Database, 1799-1909 Andrew Beard invented the "Jenny [sic] coupler" in 1897? The Janney coupler is named for US Civil War veteran Eli H.

Janney, who in 1873 invented a device (US patent #138405) which automatically linked together two railroad cars upon their being brought into contact.

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He joined a team led by Thomas Edison, who had been working on his "grasshopper telegraph" for trains, and together they constructed on the Lehigh Valley Railroad one of the only induction telegraph systems ever put to commercial use.

Detailed evidence: The not-so-real Mc Coy Also see The Fake Mc Coy and Did Somebody Say Mc Trash? (See historical notes on plasma use.) Charles Drew was not responsible for any breakthrough scientific or medical discovery; his main career achievement lay in supervising or co-supervising major programs for the collection and shipment of blood and plasma. Banneker assisted Andrew Ellicott in the survey of the federal territory, but played no direct role in the actual planning of the city.

The story of Banneker reconstructing the city design from memory after L'Enfant ran away with the plans (with the implication that the project would have failed if not for Banneker) has been debunked by historians.

From 1880 onward, countless patents were issued for innovations in filament design and manufacture (Edison had over 50 of them). Williams repaired a wound not in the heart muscle itself, but in the sac surrounding it, the pericardium.

Neither of Latimer's two filament-related patents in 18 were among the most important innovations, nor did they make the light bulb last longer, nor is there reason to believe they were adopted outside Hiram Maxim's company where Latimer worked at the time. This operation was not the first of its type: Henry Dalton of St.

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