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But of course you’re not limited to texting you can also send videos, images, and files.

Everything that we expect from our experiences of a messenger app is right where we are spoiled to have and take for granted.

Also to keep up with trends that are, gifs and memes ,which can also be purchased in the Viber store.

There is also a group chat feature that can be confusing at times ,and can give you a large amount of notifications if everyone is very active.

And at the center ,depending on if you are in your chat screen, is the same as your Android phone contact list: to give the effect that you are using your Android device to make these calls.

While you can’t send standard texts to people that don’t have Viber installed sadly, luckily you can invite them to join Viber than in which you can send texts to them.

After you have it open, the app will ask for your phone number and username.The smoothest and most useful feature of Viber is their calling software.While in mid call, you will be able to transfer your call seemliness with little hic-ups.The UI is easy to navigate and it knows what the consumer is going to be doing on their app: talking to friends.It’s overall the best you can get it messenger apps.

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