Rules when dating a musician

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It teaches itself to predict the pitch and duration of every note following another.

Once it is accurate at predicting 50 percent of note pitches and 80 percent of note durations in existing songs, the machine's training is complete.

The deep artificial composer, or DAC, 'can produce complete melodies, with a beginning and an end, that are completely original,' said co-developer Florian Colombo of the EPFL research university in Lausanne, Switzerland.

And while it isn't quite at the level of Justin Bieber or Adele, future versions of the system may be fine-tuned to create songs that rival those by today's musicians.

Instead, the programme was designed to produce 'an infinity of different tunes'. Pictured is a musician playing one of DAC's original compositions.

The researchers tested their programme on Irish and Ashkenazi Jewish folk music.

Although she hasn’t watched any of the films in the franchise, because of the graphic scenes he and Johnson appear in, she doesn’t rule it out.

“I haven’t seen them but it’s not to say I won’t,” she says.

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