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Everyone has their own standards of living, and what standard is acceptable to them. The question itself indicates a fundamental lack of the realization that the Philippines is a developing nation, with 40% of the population living below the Asian poverty line of per day. However, the visa process in the Philippines has perhaps more options and flexibility than most other countries.

However, after living here for a while, writing on this site for a while, answering questions sent to me, and traveling all over Asia, I have come up with the following list of mistakes that I see people making. You need to survive in the Philippines, but, more than likely, it will not be by working for someone else. But the vast majority of people who move here will not find employment standards much to their liking. How many people even bother to learn the rules of business here? Thinking things will be “different”, but “no big deal”. While here on vacation, the cultural differences are very subtle. There are so many books on the net about living like a king on only 0 per month that it is easy to get the perception that the Philippines is cheap. For instance, there was a question in the forum about international schools near “paradise” beaches. Yes, schools are here, but the demand and ability of most people to pay the tuition is not here. Again, it is so easy to live here on a tourist visa and convert, there really is no reason why anyone (from most countries) should stress over it.

well, at least they did under more forgiving circumstances. He’d always tried his best to treat her nice and to make her happy. But--” “Had problems, past tense, champ,” Emily interrupted, “I realize this seems sudden for you, but you two haven’t actually really been together in ... “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Megan had become Stephanie’s boisterous big sister ever since they met in class, always intent on trying to include the reclusive, introverted Stephanie in on things and get her to open up and have fun. Currently her digital address book consisted simply of her mother, grandmother, an old Sunday school teacher, her student advisor, and Megan. I’ll call you,” she promised, turning away from him as quickly as she could and scurrying through the mass of people towards the vendor’s room.Yet there are dozens of sites on the net giving “ways” to own land, will land, form corporations to control land, and so on. There are almost always vehement, passionate disagreements about it, most of which I either ignore or say, “You can’t say that you weren’t warned”. Can you REALLY know someone by chatting on the Internet? Her petite, somewhat underdeveloped body was often the subject of her self-deprecating humor, she dressed in stylish clothes containing anime references, and she usually sported an infectiously adorable grin. I’ll be okay.” “You’d better,” she affirmed, squeezing him tightly. Oh, wow,” Emily muttered, looking past him into the ransacked and half-emptied apartment. Well, they did all share the same basic circle of friends, this was bound to get all kinds of awkward. “That’s what I was told to tell you; that she’s doing great. Leaving you is the only thing she’s done right lately. “So I wait for her.” “Brian...” Emily sighed, putting her hand on his shoulder. Now it was just another painful reminder and waste of money. The charm had been given to Emily by her cousin Samantha as a good luck charm, but when Brian had looked up the kanji, it had humorously turned out to read “Harem charm,” and became an inside joke around their circle of friends. She’d whipped up a pink and red scheme for a sleeveless sundress on her sewing machine and glued rabbit-like ears onto a hidden headband. Brian drew his fantasy pistol with a flourish this time, gun-spinning it around his trigger finger and snapping it to a stop perfectly aimed for his action pose. The camera flashed, followed by another camera, and then another. Today she wore an uncharacteristic expression of concern that really drove home the gravity of his situation. “She sent me to make sure she didn’t miss anything. He slowly stepped aside to let her into the apartment. But there was certainly no need to tell anyone about the outfit now. Matching pink elbow-length gloves and thigh-high costume boots completed her ensemble. Again he reached around her and planted a hand on her hip, pulling her against him, but this time her tentative reaching fingertips were sliding under his jacket as well.

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